Thursday, May 30, 2013

No Need To Be Smug Part 2

So do you ever have a great idea that you think will save you time and make you a "fun" mom?  I had one of those "great" ideas before it went down hill so fast that I had no idea what hit!  

This past week I had what seemed like a million errands to run and L had the pleasure of coming along for the ride.  I thought that it might make things better if he could bring a couple of his toy "Army Men" along for the trip.  I was feeling  a little smug about how well things were going.  That was until we got to the bank!

After waiting patiently in line at the bank, we finally made it up to the teller.  And before I could say a single thing, L slaps his army man on the counter and say "put your hands up!"  I just about died right there and then!!! 


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