Thursday, January 9, 2014

One Thing Leads To Another

With kiddos back to school I was finally able to step out of the house and run some much needed errands. So I headed to a local "town center", read mall just outside. Even though it was still below freezing it felt simply glorious to be walking outside! That's what happens after one has been trapped inside with three bored kiddos.

After I had done my returns and was about to leave I noticed that Anthroplogies was having a sale, so how could I not walk in? While it was fun to look through all of the pretty dresses that they had on sale I was quickly distracted by a display in their "House & Home" section. For whatever reason, maybe because they remind me of the Cape or maybe because they are blue & white with a bit of red, I was really drawn to their "From The Deep" dinner collection. 

And here is where is really got weird; all I could think was that this was just what I needed for our home office make-over. That right, this is my inspiration for the office not the kitchen! Yes they are mostly blue & white like my beloved Royal Copenhagen China, they also remind me of old school encyclopedia pen and ink drawings. Plus they are whimsical and every room needs a little bit of playfulness, if you ask me!

And with that I am off and running! I have a donation truck coming to help me declutter the office, and house for that matter. I know what furniture I want to keep and what I plan to resell or re-propose. I have a plan for new curtains. Don't worry Hubby they will cost next to nothing!

One unplanned stop and I have a mapped out plan for on office make over goal. Not bad if you ask me. Maybe I should go shopping more often!?!

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  1. Oh so lovely!!!!! LOVE the blue and white and the beauty of those plates!!! xx

  2. I picked up some things at Anthro's home sale. The ceramic berry basket, egg thingy and butter dish. I was using a plate. Love those plates!!!!

  3. Love the plates. What a great find! I would have scooped them up too!

  4. Great finds and I can see why your inspired with plates for your office project! The colors and pattern and so pretty!

  5. I love these plates! Whimsical and a little twisted, too. The puffer fish with the ship is my favorite!


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