Thursday, December 19, 2013

Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending L's Christmas program at his preschool. It might be just me but I have never seen anything as precious as a preschool musical performance. It must be the age - all that energy and excitement!

I mean really look at that face! My little boy walked into church ready to sing his heart out. Not on key mind you, just with a lot of heart.

All of the children really did a wonderful job this year. I think it might be because their teachers are the most patient women I have ever meet! 

When all of the songs were sung L walked off the risers with the biggest smile ever. I, on the other hand, was just trying my best to keep it together. This is the last preschool Christmas program that one of my children will ever be in and it was bittersweet. I am sure that sounds like a silly "mom" problem but there is something so sweet and pure about these programs that I will truly miss.

Maybe Hubby will let me adopt? (Hubby's note- Yes, you can adopt a pet lizard just like L asked for for Christmas. And yes I know L needs a haircut, I am taking the boys this weekend.)

After the show was over I asked L if he would like to go on a lunch date with me. He said he would love it as long as he could order a chocolate milk. I tried to take a couple of pictures when we sat down to lunch but L was having nothing to do with that... the show was clearly over


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