Monday, December 3, 2012

Not The Best Use Of Time

I think that I mentioned this before but our cul-de-sac has a progressive Christmas dinner and this year we hosted the dinner part of the night.  So one would think that Saturday morning I was up and cleaning for the party but you would be wrong!  We all got comfy in the family room and watched "Brave".  The kiddos and I had already seen "Brave" in the theater this summer but Hubby had not seen it yet and the kiddos really wanted to show it to him. It is a great movie but ever notice how when Hollywood wants someone to be perceived as wild or an outsider in a movie they give them red hair?


I love taking my kiddos to the movies and watching movies with them at home.  It is not so much about the movie itself as it is about their reactions.  M's reactions in particular.  No one laughs like he does!  

Sometimes M laughs so hard we fear he will have a seizure.  Trust me his laughing fits are unreal! M laughs so hard that there is no way the rest of the family can help but join in  and laugh too.  And "Brave" did not disappoint.  M was laughing from the beginning of the movie until the end.  As were the other two kiddos.  The kiddos would give the movie "Brave" two thumbs up!

Watching a movie with my family while I should have been cleaning might seem like a bad idea but I think overall it was time well spent!!


  1. We just watched Brave ourselves! Boys loved it! And my younger one has red hair!! :) We just watched Arthur Christmas for the first time this weekend and we all lived it!

  2. Such fun family photos :) look at that smile with the missing teeth! My kids are grown and we still watch all the holiday movies!

    Enjoy your week!


  3. A movie with your precious children sounds like just the ticket for these hectic days. Those smiles say it all...


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