Thursday, April 10, 2014

Little Lacrosse

 I am really not sure how it happened. All in one week I registration L for kindergarten next fall and he started playing lacrosse. To say that I have been a ball of emotions this week would be an understatement!

Is it just me or does the uniform make him look like a 10 year old!?! Or at least the toughest 5 year old on the block? After we got L suited up he looked so big to me.

Then he lined up with the rest of the boys.... We knew he was going to be the youngest boy on the team but he really just seemed so much smaller.

Thank goodness I didn't have much to worry about. L really held his own. I am sure having an older brother that plays lax helps a bit too. Especial when M makes L practice with him in the backyard as much as possible.

For a first go I would say it was a huge success for all of the boys. I can not tell you the number of times I heard the boys state that it was "the best day ever!" I hope they all stay so excited by being part of a team.


  1. I love it... best day ever. Oh to have that joy for life. What a little cutie pie!

  2. Oh my he look so big...yes I would be an emotional wreck as well. So glad he loved it though.


  3. This is the cutest ever! He really does look all grown up in his gear!

  4. Aww. Isn’t he cute? I do agree, L does look a bit older than his actual age. But I have to say he looks really adorable in those cute uniforms. How did the game go? You, as a mom, must be so proud seeing your son play for the first time. :D

    Jennine Stalder @ UE Sports


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