Monday, April 14, 2014

Silly Cousins

Some of my favorite childhood memories are of time spent with my cousins. Holiday dinners, days at the shore and family vacations were filled with silly laughter that only happens when hanging out with family. And it warms my heart that kiddos love to be with their cousins, too.

So when we had a chance to get together with Hubby's sibling and their sweet kiddos, we said count us in! Due to busy schedules and travel over Spring break we will not be able to all be together for Easter so we celebrated a week early. Poppy and Gigi had some eggs ready to hid for the little ones. 

The kids where just too cute running all over the backyard looks for eggs. I love how each one of them declared that they had the most! 

The egg hunt was followed by a lovely dinner. Gigi always spoils us with a yummy dinner. And of course the silly cousins didn't let dinner get in the way of their fun. I mean really, who knew Gigi's napkins could have so many uses!?! These "dessert bandits" thought they were the high of hilarity!!!

And of course we we tried to get a group picture. Maybe by the time the youngest is in middle school they will all look at the camera and smile. Dare to dream right!?!


  1. Beautiful children! Looks like a good time had by all.

  2. How fun is this? It reminds me of me with my cousins years ago. Sadly, my own children don't have cousins to play with. One of the fun joys of family life!
    Enjoy their squeals and giggles.

  3. Looks like such a fun and special time!


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