Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Not As Planned

I am a list maker. I make one for most days and today was no different. Lists are wonderful in my eyes because you can cross off all of the thing you accomplished in a day. It really makes me giddy to cross off a ton on my to-do list. But today I didn't get to cross off all I had wanted. 

L and I were going to go to the garden shop after preschool and get some new plants to replace all that was lost after our long bitter winter. After lunch we had planned to put together three of our new potted planters. Then after the older two got home from school there was homework to be done super fast due to the fact that tonight was a lacrosse and field hockey night. But none of that happened. 

A bunch of things on my to-do list were not able to happen due to the weather. Heavy thunder storms put an end to most of my list. But for once I was ok with it. There was no rushing around today. There was a ton of funny family moments filled with giggles. 

I might enjoy crossing things off of my list but I will never enjoy that as much as I love unrushed time with my children. 


  1. And from someone who has their oldest graduating and leaving home in 13 days . . . GOOD FOR YOU! One reason I'm not totally losing my mind, is that I have no regrets about staying home with him and spending lots of time with him when he was little. I cherish all those fun days, and now it's easier to let go.

  2. Great words and sentiment, Eileen. Have a great Mothers Day!


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