Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Last Hurrah

 We have yet to sit down and write a formal bucket list yet there are things that our kiddos count on doing.  They know that they will spend countless hours swimming at the pool and playing into the night in our cul de sac. Spending time on the Cape is always something they can count on too. But last year we added on another family summer event....a trip to the water park!

Last year was the first time we went and we had a great time. But really this year was so much better! L really has taken to the water this summer. And to say that this has made our lives easier would be an understatement! 

As much as I love the lazy river I find it so much more fun to watch M try to make sure he was hit by every water feature along the way!

And as always B proved that she was the strongest girl around by making it across the "lily pads" in record time. Forget boot-camp, I just need to do whatever B does and I will be the toughest mom on the block!!!

Just like L, I would give this family outing thumbs up!  I only wish I knew where this Summer went so fast!!!!


  1. FUN! Can't let summer go by without a trip down a slide :-)

  2. We went to rhat same water park last summer. I love it as it's a smaller version and nicer crowd than some big ones I've been to.


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