Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wake-Up Call

While the kids do not start school in these parts until after Labor Day, my PTO duties have already started for the year. (I am super excited that I will hold a Board position that oversees all of our fundraising for the year!) So this morning the kiddos and I actually had to set an alarm in order to be at our PTO "Welcome Back Staff Breakfast" . 

Too say that it was not fun for all of us to get this morning would be the biggest understatement ever!  Thank God we have more than a few "alarm-free" days left this summer!!!!


  1. I agree! I am trying to get my boys back to a normal bedtime this week instead of the later summertime nights. We have not been very successful, which makes for crabby mornings! Hopefully we will be in the groove by Labor Day!

    Your PTO position sounds like it will keep you busy but be a lot of fun too! Our PTO just went from several fundraisers per year to every family donating $30 and no fundraisers at all. I think we actually made almost twice as much money that way!

    Enjoy your final days of summer!!!

  2. Congrats on your PTO job! Boo for alarms! Hopefully everyone can get a nap in this afternoon! (My family including! ;))


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