Thursday, October 17, 2013

Contact Cool

Both Hubby and I are blind as bats! Really!!! Neither one of us can see without our contacts in. So it came as no surprise to me and Hubby when we were told that B needed glasses in 2012. If you ask me I think B is as cute as can be in glasses. It is as if her face was made for them. The only problem is that she cannot wear a field hockey eye-cage comfortably while wearing her glasses. And unfortunately rec-specs also will not fit under the eye-cage. 

We were really starting to feel like we were out of options but luckily our family eye doctor suggested contacts. He felt that B was mature enough to try contacts as long as she proved that she could put them in and take them out by herself. Plus she had to agree to only wear them for field hockey practices and games.

It took two training sessions at the doctor's office but B finally got the hang of it. And man was she proud of herself! I think she finally got over her fear of touching her eye. And I hope that it will be easier for her tomorrow to put her contacts in before practice.

I also learned today that Hubby made B a promise that when she got contacts she could get a "cool" contact case. (Hubby's note- This was a surprise to me too as I have no recollection of saying it.) Did you know that there was such a thing!?! Not I! I always use the freebies...who knew! 


  1. I've always had great eyesight until I reached 50. My friend is my eye doctor and she instructed me how to insert contacts in her office. I was there for almost 5 hrs. I walked out with mascara down to my knees. Meanwhile, #2 has been wearing contacts since she was 7!! Have a wonderful week.

  2. I am blind as a bat as well! When I wear my glasses I get made fun of due to my really thick lenses (all in good fun of course!) I have been wearing contacts since 5th grade. I few amber being so happy when mom said I could get them. My first contacts were the hard ones. Long time ago :)

  3. too cute!! I got glasses in 5th grade and contacts in 6th :)

  4. She looks adorable! Lilys best friend just got glasses. . . all the sudden Lily is having trouble seeing! Silly Lily!

  5. Well you are right....she is adorable in glasses....and adorable in contacts! :) My husband's 12 year old daughter also wears glasses full time and just changed to contacts full time. It was an adjustment, but she loves them now. I will have to check out those cute cases...I didn't know they made them either!

  6. I still remember putting contacts in the first time...the drama!!! Sweet B looks like she was a champ.

  7. I just recently started wearing over the counter reading glasses, and wow - do I hate them! I've been wondering if contacts apply to my situation yet. I guess it's time to make an appointment with the doctor!
    B looks so sweet!


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