Monday, March 23, 2015

Absent Blogger

I clearly needed a break from blogging. A pretty long break in fact - six months! I am not sure how that happened but I do know that I needed to just step away completely. I have never been good about keeping a diary of any kind and blogging had been a great way for me to take pictures and document our family life. But somewhere along the way I let blogging get in the way of family. I might be wrong but I think my family needed a blogging break just as much as I did!

When I took a step back from blogging myself I also stopped reading other blogs. I have not read any blogs until a couple of weeks ago when I started checking in again with some of my favorites. It has been nice seeing what fellow bloggers have been up to over the past six months. Seeing what everyone else has been up to has made me miss blogging.

The things is that I am just not sure how to start again. Maybe it is writers block? Maybe I just need to start and get back into the habit? Whatever it is, thanks for bearing with me as I try to get my blogging groove back!
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