Thursday, October 31, 2013

Allergy Safe Halloween

Happy Halloween!!! My kiddos are so excited about today and the massive sugar coma they hope to be in by later tonight. I on the other hand don't really love Halloween. When you have children with food allergies holidays that revolve around candy can cause some anxiety. 

Luckily the Tootsie Company is looking out for those that cannot have peanuts, tree nuts and/or gluten. For a family that has one child who is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts and other who has Celiac Disease Tootsie's clearly marked packages are a huge help.

Yesterday I got all of our candy ready to hand out and I also put aside some candy for B and L. When they get home later tonight I will let them "trade" unsafe pieces of candy for safe pieces. Then we will let the sugar rush begin....well for one night!


  1. Well that is great that they do that! I had no idea. Happy Halloween!

  2. This explains why my child was given so many tootsie rolls at Trunk or Treat. Everyone trying to go the safe route.

  3. Oh that's really good to know about the Tootsie Co...way to go! Hope you guys had a blast last night! :)


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