Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Before & During

I bet you thought B and I just sat on the sofa and eat bon-bons while the boys were fishing. Maybe you thought we were at the spa getting pampered. Or reading John Green books poolside but you would be wrong on all accounts.

B and I spent our Sunday giving her (and the boys') bathroom a little make-over. It all started because all three of my children seemed completely incapable of using their towel rack. All of the damp towels that I was picking up at the end of the day was starting to give me a nervous tick. So my grand idea was to take the offending towel rack down and replace it with three hooks. Easy right?


After Hubby took the towel rack down I repaired the holes in the wall. As I was sanding my patch job, I was reminded of how much I dislike white walls. And since I was going to have to re-paint the walls anyway, why not re-do the room? I have a feeling this line of thinking is the reason Hubby rolls his eyes every time I say "but it will be a little project."


While I made a huge mess during the process I think the kiddos' bathroom is coming along nicely! The holes have been repaired and painted. The brass hardware was replaced so it now matches the faucets and the new shower curtain has been hung.

Now I just have find some nice accessories and hang those hooks!

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  1. Looking good! Love your choice of shower curtain. Perfect for both your daughter and the boys.

  2. Eileen... it looks great. So fresh and not gender specific! Love the pattern!

  3. Ooh fun! Looking good! I need a new faucet in our guest bath. And I know that is going to start an avalanche of projects. ha!

  4. I too love the shower curtain:)

  5. Looks great!! Isn't it funny how something so small like replacing hooks can turn into re-doing the whole bathroom!

  6. I like that shower curtain.

    I believe you have to be a civil engineer to hang a towel rack or hooks and have a prenupt!

  7. It is going to look fabulous I am sure. Love the shower curtain.


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