Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What To Wear?

When I am not busy eating bon-bons all day I like to volunteer for different causes that are near and dear to me and my family.  One of these causes is the Catholic Charities Ball which I have been volunteering for since 2006.  Each year the Ball is the biggest fundraiser for the Arlington Diocese's Catholic Charities.

Yesterday I was bummed to be home with a sick kiddo while everyone was at our final "full" meeting before this years Ball.  (Poor M has a fever and horrible cough.)  So while I was of no help at all to my committees I did ponder a very important question: What am I going to wear to this year's CC Ball?

Last year I wore the dress in the photo above with my beloved Kate Spade Charm slingbacks.  I felt like the glittery shoes made up for the fact that my dress was not full length   But now I really feel like I need to go back to a full length dress this year.

I really like the flow of this dress by BCBG.  I have worn two BCBG dresses to the Ball in years past and I know that their dresses will fit well. Plus I love the black waist band/belt for some reason.

I also just love this dress from BCBG too.  Pockets!!!  I can not tell you why but I just adore dresses with pockets!  But I am not sure how I feel about the leg slit.  I don't want to have a weird Angelina Jolie leg slit moment at the ball.

Last but not least, this number also caught my eye.  Love the color and the flow of the dress but once again I am just not sure about the leg slit.

What do you think?  What have I not seen that I must?  I would love some guidance!


  1. I do love the first one and the color of the second one but I would fear that Angelina Jolie moment too! Have fun!

  2. Love them all but would have a hard time turning down the emerald!!

  3. Oh my that green one is stunning!!

  4. Girl ... GIRL. Promise me you will wear the green dress. You would look positively RADIANT in it, the true belle of the ball. Plus, emerald is the 2013 color of the year according to Pantone. Seriously... do it.

  5. Thank you ladies so much for your thoughts! I have ordered dresses number one and three....

  6. Oooooh….ooooh ooooh oooh….fun project!!! And great cause! You will have to show us what you come up with. I wore a shorter dress to a black tie wedding last spring because I had fabulous shoes, like your outfit last year. It was all about the shoes. It'll be fun this year for you to do something totally different! I LOVE that gorgeous green dress!! Fashion show please…..


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