Monday, January 21, 2013

I Heart Long Weekends

As a student I always loved long weekends and I thought that no one looked forward to them as much as students. I was wrong! I cannot tell you how much I truly enjoy them as a SAHM!!! All five of us just seem much more relaxed on this Friday. We knew that we had dinner with friends planned, DIY projects to do, shopping and a family date night. And extra sleep!!!

B was kind enough to help me with a little dress shopping this weekend. (Unfortunately, the dresses that I ordered did not fit well at all.) I was not very happy with the dress we found this weekend.  B did love this red number but I think we need to keep looking. I have been known to find "the one" just two days before the Ball but I hope not to be that last minute this year.

I also spent more time on M's desk than I thought possible. After all my research on sandpaper and grit numbers I still needed to use paint-stripper this weekend. I promise to give you all the details this week.

Finally last night after a trip to the mall for some returns and lacrosse cleats we went out on a family date-night. We went to a Mexican place that we have been to many times but unfortunately this was not our best trip to date. We got there early, on purpose to avoid the dinner rush, but it still took over two hours for our dinner. Big bummer! But I have to say I was beyond pleased with our kiddos!  They hung in there and did not melt down. Might have been because the boys found something to entertain them but any port in a storm right!?!

Now my sweet Hubby is enjoying a drink while watching the Ravens vs Patriots game. Who to cheer for since his beloved Redskins are out of the running?  Ravens all the way!  Even after college and grad school in New England, Hubby is going with Old Bay's team!


  1. So glad Tom Brady got booted last night!!! :) He knocked my Texans out! Thanks for stopping by today!!!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend so far! And I'm excited for Super Bowl with our SF 49'ers in it this year!! :)

  3. Wowza! You look great in that red dress!!

  4. I'm with you!! My husband took our boys skiing (just a day trip) and otherwise we have just been enjoying family dinners, my 10 yr son beating me at chess, fires and yes, a little football!

    I think that red dress looks amazing...let us know what you finally pick!! :)
    xoxo Elizabeth

  5. Long weekends are the best! We had yesterday off for the holiday, but an added snow day on Friday was SO nice!


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