Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fat Tuesday

I am well aware that for tons of Americans Fat Tuesday means pancakes for dinner. Growing up that's what my mother always served my and my three brothers. And for many years I have served the very same thing. But this year the kiddos asked to try something different.... 

Hamburgers and fries! So we all headed out to one of our favorite burger joints, Market Burger. Market Burger uses local sourcing for all of their burgers which ensures nothing but the freshest of foods. Very farm to table approach to a traditional burger joint. The end result is a super yummy burger!

The best part about Market Burger is that my whole family can enjoy their fries. If your family is anything like mine, then you would know that restaurant fries are a big no-no. At most places we have to worry about cross-contamination. But happily Market Burger only fries fresh cut potatoes and they don't use peanut oil. Perfect if you ask me!

A yummy meal that was not that healthy yet allergy friendly. So happy that kiddos talk me into something different this Fat Tuesday!!!


  1. Your children are just precious! It's clear you have a very happy and loving home....and YUM OUT on those burgers and fries!

  2. That whole plate of fat looks GREAT! Haha I can't lie, I love fries that have peanut oil in them (McDonald's fries when downhill fast after they swapped the fry juice), but know there are people with extreme allergies, so it's good people are being conscientious of that. I really don't eat burgers and fries like, ever, but when I do, I love joints like this that have good, homemade products!


  3. We usually have spaghetti dinner at the school where Mardi gras is held, no pancakes. I think the burger and fries are much better too!

  4. Cute babies! I wish we had a burger place like that here! I have a nut allergy baby and we have to be very careful. Sounds like a yummy Fat Tuesday though!!

  5. Yum that sounds good and I love farm to table. We always do pancakes on Fat Tuesday- I can't give up the tradition!


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