Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Making The Most Of It

On our 13th snow-day of the year, we tried our best to make the most of it! The kiddos and I didn't set any alarm clocks. A little extra sleep was good for all of us. We enjoyed a lazy morning, just hanging out in our pjs. The kiddos were crazy enough to head outside for a little bit. 

Super cold weather can't stop these three from having a great time! I might have enjoyed it more but I don't even have snow-boots. Every year I make sure the kiddos are all set with winter gear, just in case. But I never seem to order anything for myself. I do have a nice pair of Wellies but they just don't keep my feet warm. My irrational fear is that if I invest in winter gear for myself, we will never have another snow-day. Weird, I know! 

Lastly, the kiddos would like to you all know that Peeps float in hot cocoa. And are super yummy! 


  1. If I were a stay at home mom, kid or teacher, I'd probably love the snow days. But at this point, with the winter we've had in Michigan, I'm just ready for sunshine and warmer temps! I want so badly to take my little guy out in his stroller for the first time!! :)

    Too cute with the peeps! Creative! :)


  2. Totally share your irrational fear of mom winter gear connection to snow.
    Snow is so fun. Sure beats playing in freezing cold Without it.


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