Thursday, March 6, 2014

Make-Up Fun

One of my most favorite pat of a special night out is getting all dolled-up! I know that sounds so old fashion but as a stay-at-home-mom there is no need to spend time on hair and make-up. For the record I know that I am beyond blessed to be at home with my children plus have special nights-out, too. So I try to enjoy all of it!

This year for the CC Ball I used some tried and true make-up, as well as a couple of new products. Since my dress was navy I was not sure if I should go with brown make-up or grey, but the wise women of Nordstrom told me that I needed a little blue in my life. They promised it would make my eyes "pop". Per usual, they were right!

Tried and True
Nars Blush  (You know what one. The one with the name that makes me blush saying it out loud.)

New to Me

I was pretty happy with the results for the big night! Do have any "go-to" make-up for a night out on the town?


  1. Love everything you have up there! How is that Trish eyeliner? Touche Eclat is EVERYTHING!

  2. Eileen... you are so darling - love the make up. I use the same blush as you do. How come it looks better on you???

  3. look fantastic - i'm horrible at make-up

    PS - i have a GIVEAWAY going on - stop by and spread the love if you can :o)


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