Monday, April 7, 2014

An Uphill Battle

A little while ago Hubby asked if we had any plans on April 6th. After informing him that we did not, he mentioned that there was a 5K that he would really like to enter because he heard that it was a challenging race. Then he mentioned that it was at one of the prettiest vineyards in NoVa and I said go for it!

The race at Bluemont Vineyard started at the top of the hill and finished at the top.  Not going to lie to you, it was a work-out just walking up to the start of the race. I might not have run the race but it was challenging just getting all of us to the start!

The kiddos and I had the best view for this race. Normal we just get to see Hubby at the start of his races and at the finish. But due to our vantage point we were able to watch him run the whole race, which was a first for us. The kiddos had the best time keeping up with what place their father was in.

From what we saw Hubby was in 6th place for most of the race but then he really turned it on when it came to long hill up to the finish. He finished in 4th place and had the fast time up the hill. Personally I have no idea why anyone would want to run this kind of a race but I am just so proud of Hubby! 

When the race was all over Hubby shared his wine tasting with me, since he doesn't enjoy wine as much as I do. Free wine tasting and a beautiful view  - sounds good to me! 


  1. A race in a vineyard would be so beautiful and with wine tasting at the end - perfect! Happy Monday :-)

  2. Sounds lovely! He got to enjoy something he loves, and you got to share in it too. The vineyard is beautiful.

  3. I'm no runner, but a gorgeous vineyard - and a wine tasting at the finish line - would get me moving!

  4. What a beautiful setting! But I'm with you, I'll cheer on the sidelines and sip wine.
    Congratulations to your hubby!


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