Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Break {Part One}

The kiddos had off last week for Spring Break. To be honest I am not sure who was looking forward to it more - we were all in need of a nice break. No school, no PTO meetings, no field hockey or lacrosse. The only bummer was that Hubby was not able to take any time off. So last Monday the kiddos and I packed up the car and headed North for three days.

Our first stop was the Jersey Shore. (And no it is nothing like MTV makes it out to be!) We had a nice time chatting with my Gram and filling her in on all the things we have been up to this year. Then we took a walk up to the beach.  

The boys wasted no time at all. They had their shoes off, feet in the sand and digging for treasures in 10 seconds tops! I just love their enthusiasm but I do wish that beach "treasures" didn't smell as much as they do.

One little sad note about our time on the beach was that I was reminded that B is not a little girl anymore. The little girl that would have not minded the cold sea breeze and digging in the sand is gone. But at least my tween was sweet enough to let L chase her all over the beach.

All in all it was a perfect start to our Spring Break. I even convinced the boys to stay out of the water. I call that winning!


  1. I am going through a sad phase with my kids too, they just all seem so big and grown up to me ;( ok I love that you had your hubby post for you the other day!!

  2. I love the Jersey Shore - we used to live close and went often when my daughter's were very little. I would love to be close to the shore again :-)

  3. Great photos and looks like a wonderful week. That tween thing, yup I remember it. It gets better.

  4. I miss the northern east coast beaches! I grew up on Long Island. The gulf is not the same!!! I so remember those tween years. No longer a little girl, yet not a woman.

  5. I love a beach! It looks like y'all had some fun!


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