Monday, July 28, 2014

A Night At The Fair

How did you spend your Thursday summer night? Well my family spent theirs at a county fair while B and I were away! I hope you enjoy Amy's, my SIL, guest post.....

I'm so happy to be guest posting on my beloved sister-in-law's blog. During the school year I teach kindergarten, but in the summertime I get to do things with my own kids I wouldn't normally have time a rodeo! The clouds cleared away just in time to enjoy a beautiful night with my daughter and nephews. The kids had so much fun looking at all the prize-winning pigs and chickens, but the best part was the professional bull riders.

One look at those massive animals and you could not PAY me to ride one! I think I'll leave it to the cowboys! The stands were packed, but we managed to sneak the kids to the front. It was pretty amazing to hear that one of the cowboys had received ten stitches in his jaw the night before, but would still be riding this evening. Ouch!

Of course, after spending money on admission, the favorite activity of the night was good old-fashioned tag and hanging out by the tractors. You can't beat a beautiful night at the fair with family!

Happy Summer to all you Lobster Meets Peach readers! 

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