Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Anniversary Get-Away {Part 1}

Hubby and I were able to get-away this past Saturday due to the fact that I have wonderful and kind in-laws who offered to watch our kiddos for the night. It was a totally last minute trip that just came together perfectly. We didn't even have a hotel reservation until last Friday morning and that was it. Yet some how the stars aligned for us!

We spent the night at the DC St Regis and it did not disappoint! This hotel has it all; location, decor and over the top service. The only downside was that I was not able to fit their gorgeous chandelier in my bag on the way home. 

My sweet mother-in-law mentioned that the National Portrait Gallery had a a new Civil War exhibit, "Grant & Lee" and with that we had our plans for the afternoon. Normally Hubby is not an art museum kind of a guy but the promise of an exhibit based on history was all he needed to agree to head over. I even got him to wander through a couple of other exhibits.

After we walked back from the museum we had a surprise waiting for us in our room. A very thoughtful friend of my family had a bottle of champagne sent up to help us celebrate our anniversary. I am not going to lye to you...sipping champagne while getting ready for dinner is not bad at all!!!


  1. So glad you were able to get away for a night. And yes, that would be the only way I could get my hubby to stroll through an art gallery as well!

  2. Congrats. The St Regis looks gorgeous (of course). Glad y'all could get away!!

  3. Eileen... I have stayed at that hotel a couple of times. Love it and really love DC! Happy anniversary and happy bday again!

  4. Haha! Just had to let you know that we are often caught eating peanut M&ms on nights away as well since both our boys have peanut allergies 😊 Happy Anniversary!


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