Monday, February 3, 2014

Forget The Groundhogs

Many of you got up yesterday and waited to see what the groundhog thought about Spring's arrival. In this house we already knew that Spring is on its way. You might ask how we knew and simply put we had to register the kiddos for Spring field hockey and lacrosse already. Can you tell that this is a home that breaks it seasons down by sports!?!

In fact today M started his Spring lacrosse evaluation. While I was not able to be there, Hubby did inform me that M did a great job and has really come along in his game. And I have to say that the smile on M's face when he came home was just precious!

Is it just me or do boys, all suited up, look older than they really are? And am I crazy for thinking that Spring is just around the corner?


  1. The equipment does look them older! And your family is one after my heart...field hockey, lacrosse and Berger cookie pies!

  2. Glad your guys are jumpstarting ahead, we truly cannot yet in our part of the country. And yes, time flies, your young man is growing bigger. :-)

  3. I hope spring is around the corner! I totally agree- he looks so much more grown up with all that lax gear on!


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