Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I am going to be honest, assembling a Lego set is soothing to me. It has a beginning and an end...raising children does not. I love that a regular Lego set comes with directions. Simply follow them and you are all set. But this plan does not work for M; he would rather think outside the box. And then he would ask the box to do more!

So we signed him up for an after-school class. Lego Mindstorm really seemed like the perfect fit. If anyone could make something out of nothing it would be M!

For the last class they were able to build anything they wanted but they were warned that it might not work. 

M truly put his heart into his last Mindstorm robot. It was not just about building a cool robot, he also had to program it. There was no way I could have done any of this!

All I know is that I hope I win the lotto because M now thinks that Lego Mindstorm is it!!!


  1. This is what I do for my company! We are currently staring Robotics classes using Legos in our centers. Can you shoot me an email? I have a question for you!

  2. This is so awesome!! Love this idea!


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