Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Rocket Science

After M's lacrosse evaluation on Sunday Hubby took M and the kids to launch M's model rocket. We were recently at Hobby Lobby when M saw the rockets and decided he had to have one. We went back a few days later and he picked out a rocket he liked, which he paid for with his own money. 

The rocket wasn't too hard to put together but it did some effort. The launch was the same story. When we arrived at the field we realized the directions for assembling the launch stand was left at home. After figuring that out it took a little effort to ensure we had the rocket's engine installed correctly.

Finally, after the last second removal of a Gatorade bottle, it was time for the big launch. We had a few unsuccessful countdowns before M and Hubby realized you had to hold down the launch button and not just quickly hit it. Once they figured that out, success!

That rocket is no joke! Talk about fast! We were very lucky and it was a rare day with no wind so M was able to recover the rocket successfully after every launch. You can see L's excitement! 

As a mom I am not sure how I feel about eight year olds and rocket engines but I will say it was hard to say who was having more fun, M or Hubby! Apparently boys never outgrow their love of things that can cause bodily harm!


  1. looks like fun. You go some great pics. My favorite is the joy on your son's face! So cute.

  2. How precious is that look if victory on L's face! Yes, boys and their toys...the more dangerous the better.


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