Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter Wonderland Follow Up

As you may remember B and I spend a lazy morning cutting out snow flakes for the new Sandy Hook school building in Connecticut. The CT PTA was asking for students all over the world to make paper snowflakes to decorate the new school building and turn it into a "Winter Wonderland".

The CT PTA was so overwhelmed by all the paper snowflakes they received that they had to ask that people stop mailing them in. But instead of wasting the snowflakes, each school was asked to decorate their school with the paper snowflakes and take pictures for the Sandy Hook children to see.  

Needless to say, I was more than happy to spend my time hanging paper snowflakes.  The time passed quickly as three of us taped up so many pretty flakes.  Everyone that walked by; children, teachers, parents and staff all remarked on how pretty our entry way now looks. I personally cannot remember a time that it was this filled with decorations.

While my heart still breaks for all of those in the Sandy Hook community I was happy that so many of our grammar school children took the time to make these paper snowflakes.  

You might also notice all of the shoes on the school floor. The student council decided for the month of January to donate to Soles to Souls. The goal was to line shoes from the front door to the library.   As of yesterday the shoes line all of the school's hallways!


  1. How beautiful...both the shoes and snowflakes.

  2. What two beautiful ways to give back and show love. You are a good woman for taping all those snowflakes! I am sure it was much appreciated! High five, lady!

  3. Wow those snowflakes are amazing. I really need to remember how to make them. Such a loving idea for the children in Newtown and the shoes too!

  4. Those snowflakes look amazing! Be sure to show B what my Lily spent her day doing!

  5. That is so nice to see. People were making snowflakes here, too. I love the shoes, and how everyone can see all the feet that will benefit from this. So cool.


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