Monday, May 5, 2014

Spring Flick 2014

This past weekend B had a tournament up in field hockey country - Pennsylvania. She and I packed up the car after school on Friday and headed up past the Mason-Dixon Line full of excitement. It might sound weird but we were both really looking forward to the weekend.

B was looking forward to playing with her travel team-mates. These girls have been practicing together for a year and it is wonderful to see how they have all grown as players. Personal, I love seeing how much they have learned to trust each other and empower each other.

I was looking forward to watching B play and not be distracted. For the past two rec seasons I have been B's coach. While I love it, it does mean that on game day I can't just focus on B. And I can't even take a single picture. So I was in heaven this weekend cheering on my girl and taking way too many picture!

And I am not going to lie, it was nice to have some alone time with my little girl. She is just growing up too fast and any time we have a chance to be alone is priceless to me.

PS...I didn't play at all but I am wiped out! Why is being a "travel parent" so exhausting!?!


  1. Fun! My grandmother played field hockey growing up and was quite good. I was always that parent trying to take pictures and watch!

  2. How nice to be a spectator this year…..coaching is so gratifying but sometimes it's nice to be able to focus on your own child! Glad you got a mom-daughter weekend together….this is what she'll remember when she grows up!

  3. Looks like a fun weekend and a sunny one too! So glad you had some alone time with your beautiful daughter.

  4. What a fun weekend! I remember travel sports weekends as a kid. So nice that you got to be a spectator instead of coach!


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