Thursday, May 1, 2014

Magic Carpet Ride

I started a job in a new city right after college. To say that it was an exciting time would be an understatement! I found a super cute one bedroom apartment in an adorable town north of Boston. While I had the rent money I did not have a ton to finish my first place. When my Gram and Pop heard that I was in need of pretty much everything they went up to their attic and filled their car with all the things they thought I could use.

I was beyond grateful for all of the goodies they brought me. Really their generosity helped make sure that I didn't go into debt while trying to make it on my own. That being said there was one gift that I really loved and still love. It was my great uncle's rug. This colorful and classic rug has been with me ever since that first apartment.

I fear it is way past its prime and that I need to find a replacement very soon. You can see how worn it is in the picture below. Now pretty much all of the edges are unraveling. With three energetic kiddos the rug is becoming a hazard. But I am really having a hard time letting it go....

I know that I should not be so sentimental about a rug that has seen better days but Pop was so pleased that I loved his brother's rug as much as I did. There is also the fact that Pop is no longer with us that makes this even harder for me. Pop was always so giving of his time and love and I have allowed this old rug to be a symbol of his generosity. 

But even my mother (Pop's daughter) let me know on her last visit that it really was time to get a new rug. She was kind enough to remind me that Pop would have been so happy that his granddaughter and his three great-grandchildren used this old rug for so long.

Have you ever had a hard time letting something go? And do you have any rug suggestions for me? 


  1. Any chance you could use the rug in a bedroom? Perhaps a bed might cover a the majority of the imperfections and bedrooms get far less traffic than a family room. I'm sentimental too so sorry I'm not much help :)

  2. It is so hard to let go of sentimental items. But we have to remember the intended purpose of the gift of owning them. To fill a need at the time we could not fulfill. How proud they would be as to how far you have come!!

  3. Awww. That story warms my heart! To think of your grandparents, feeling so proud of you, loading up their car and bringing you all the things they could think of that you could use….so sweet. Could you layer another rug over it? That seems to be such a huge trend right now. Maybe inquire at a rug shop and see about having the edges sewn? There has got to be something interesting to do with this special rug that brings you joy. If I think of anything I'll be sure to let you know :)

  4. I was thinking the same...possibly use it in a bedroom where the bed covers the imperfections or layer a smaller rug over it. What a great post!


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