Thursday, June 26, 2014

Happenings {Part 2}

B's spring/summer field hockey season started off strong. She has really grown as a player since she started playing travel. She is just a joy to watch - well at least for me and Hubby. What can I say other than we are her biggest fans!

Unfortunately things have not been moving along so perfectly since B's last tournament over Memorial Day weekend. During the course of the tournament B's feet took a beating. So much so that she told us about it. If you knew my daughter personally you would know that this really is a big. She never complains about the bumps and bruises of being an athlete. 

We should have known it was bad when she willing to subjected herself to an ice-bath. Hubby swears by them but I have never been in that much pain that I would willing ask for one! 

As much as all of us wished that B just needed was some rest and ice we were all wrong. My poor girl has a (maybe) stress fracture! B has been on crutches since the beginning on June and an air boot for the past two weeks. If all goes well B will be able to slowly start practicing this Monday.

In the meantime, she still puts on her uniform twice a week and goes to her team practices. Boot and all! Please don't think ill of me but it is really boring watching your child just stand at a field for two hours. Maybe I should focus more on her dedication? 

Or maybe I just need to find some better hair products? NoVa humidity is not kind my friends!!!!


  1. Ugh poor thing! I hope she feels better soon. As for frizz I swear by kerastase oleo relax serum!!

  2. Poor sweet girl! I hope she is on the mend soon!

  3. I can so relate! She is my youngest to a T!!! She played volleyball with a stress fracture in her ankle apparently for weeks (unbeknownst to us)...the final straw was running a few miles in P.E. gave out coming around the turn in the gym track. 2 weeks in a cast, 3 in a boot...then back to playing. I would love to tell you that was the first injury or the last....not!!! Be sure she takes ALL the time needed to heal.

  4. Poor B!!! I hope she is up and at it soon! And....let me know if you find the right hair product, Eileen! You are so right about NoVa! ;)


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