Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thank You Redbox!

After B and I visited the doctor on Monday we went over to our local grocery store for much need supplies.  Gatorade, tissues and soup were just what the two of us sick gals needed.  And as luck would have it there was a video at the Redbox that B really wanted to see, The Odd Life of Timothy Green!  (I don't know about you but I feel like we never find anything that we want to see at Redbox.  But I have friends that love it...maybe it is just me?)

Disney describes their movie as an inspiring and magical family movie.  "Cindy (Garner) and Jim Green are a happily married couple who can't wait to start a family but can only dream about what their child would be like. When young Timothy shows up on their doorstep one stormy night, Cindy and Jim - and their small town of Stanleyville - learn that sometimes the unexpected can bring some of life's greatest gifts. From Academy Award® -nominated director/writer Peter Hedges (About A Boy, Best Adapted Screenplay, 2002; Dan In Real LifeWhat's Eating Gilbert Grape) - and complete with engaging bonus features - it's a heartwarming celebration of family as only Disney can deliver."

Now for B's review...."It was a well thought out movie.  And something that I thought was a little part of the movie turned out of be a big part of the movie.  I really liked it!"  For me there was a lot of willful suspense of disbelief but it was a great feel good movie for our sick day. 

Do you have any "go-to" movies for sick days?


  1. I've not seen this one, but loved B's review! So sweet!

  2. I haven't seen that one yet. I feel like I rarely see movies anymore. My go to movie is probably Ferris Bueller's Day off because if I ever catch a piece of it while switching through the channels, I will sit and watch the whole thing.

  3. I need to check that out. I like you, never find anything at RedBox. I adore Jennifer Garner though. I always watch The Queen when I'm not feeling good.

  4. I really want to watch this movie.


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