Monday, April 22, 2013

Yard Work

I don't know about you but I just love a productive weekend!  This weekend we were all over NoVa looking at trees for our backyard.  After much thought and consulting my beloved Southern Living Garden Book we decided to buy two Cryptomeria.  They are an evergreen that will provide us with a much needed "screen" in our backyard.  As soon as they are planted I will be sure to show you...promise!

As we went from nursery to nursery I could not help but tell Hubby that the side of our house was crying for a Peony or two.  And for some reason he said "go for it" or at least that's what I heard.  So I bought two!  Then we spent most of Sunday afternoon digging and planting.

I think that I have mentioned this but we had our house built about seven years ago.  So we have what I call "builders dirt".  And one never knows what they will find when digging in what a builder claims is just top-soil.  Above is just a sample of the crazy things that Hubby dug up yesterday.  I know that one should expect  to unearth rocks but a styrofoam cup, PVC pipe, a nail and those unidentifiable objects seems like too much to me.  What do you think?  After all these years I should not be so surprised but somehow I am always in awe! 

Once Hubby dug the hole and removed the debris I mixed our clay-like soil with leaf mulch to help our new plants settle in to their new home.  Hopefully this is the year that I develop a green thumb!!!


  1. Love those flowers! They are so pretty when they bloom! We have LOTS of clay in our soil! You are making me want to run get some flowers :-)

  2. Yeah for productive weekends! And I love peonies…can't wait for ours to bloom. I just never understand why they are always swarming with ants!?!


  3. Your new plants are beautiful!


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