Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Still A Work In Progress

I could give you a list of excuses like the sick kids, cold and wet weather and crazy spring sports schedule but you don't want to hear the long version of all that.  So I will not bore you with those details but I will show the progress that has been made on M's desk.

What started out as a simple project has really turned into a labor of love.  B and I flipped the desk over and I carefully taped the desktop.  Then we started painting!  After a long chat at Home Depot it seemed like I should use a small roller to get an even finish.  B quickly was bored by the roller and left the painting to me.  I know I might sound like a mean mom but that was A-ok with me.  Sometimes I can get things done quicker when no one is trying to "help" me.

After the pained dried the next day I flipped the desk around to prep it for the stain.  I used a paintbrush to apply the stain then after 3 minutes I used a clean cotton cloth to remove the excess stain.  I was so happy with all the details the stain brought out!  M especially loves that you can now see the "Hi!" drawn on the desk years ago.  Why are boys always drawn to destruction? (Hubby's note- Because it is fun and awesome.)

Now I just need the stain to completely dry so I can apply the Minwax topcoat.  Is too much to ask for three non-rain/non-humid days in a roll?    

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  1. Very cute! The weather here has been crazy too...first really cold, then 81 degrees yesterday and the same expected for today!

  2. What a darling makeover! The navy really makes it pop!!

  3. This looks fantastic. I love the child labor help! I need to get something done around my house.

  4. Not sure how I missed this post, but all your hard work sanding paid off. Looks great!


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