Thursday, April 11, 2013

Coffee Talk

There were so many things that I could have done yesterday morning.  There were a couple of things that I really should have done.  However, I chose to igore them all so I could have coffee with my friends.  And it was totally worth it!

This morning's coffee was hosted by my super sweet friend and author, ML.  Forever the Kappa, ML went all out for us ladies!  We took advantage of the beautiful weather and took our coffees out to the gorgeous table ML had all ready for us.  Banana bread, fresh fruit and juice accompanied our delicious iced coffees.  We were truly spoiled by ML, who even broke out her grandmother's crystal for us!!!

After a couple of hours chatting and fixing all world issues we went to pick our children up from preschool and get back to the real world.  But in my book great friends, yummy food and great coffee always trumps dirty laundry any day of the week! 


  1. Wow whAt a pretty table! Doesn't something like that just set mood for the whole day?

  2. Wait, Kappa? Like Kappa Kappa Gamma? If so, that's yet another thing we have in common my friend! :)

  3. wow -- that looks and sounds lovely!!

  4. What a beautiful table setting.

  5. The Kappas at my school always had great style!! I was a DDD!

    Love that ML pulled out her grandmother's juice truly taste better in crystal!! Laundry is always waiting but time with friends is precious!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  6. I loved your blog post, Lobster Meets Peach. I'm very fond of reading such blog which talks about happiness, fun, and friend. Because nothing is worth in life more than sharing the happiness of life with others. Thanks for sharing yours with us.

    Best Regards,
    Finn Felton
    Kopi Luwak


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