Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Getting Things Done

Over Spring Break I tried to tackle some unfinished projects. On one of the days that was nice enough for the kiddos to run around outside I spray painted the lamp my mom fixed the last time she was here for a visit.  As always I took forever with my prep work.  Please tell me that I am not the only one who spends as much time taping as they do painting!

This was my first time spray painting and I was so grateful for everyone's helpful hints.  I took the slow and steady aprouch.  I was happy with how even the spray paint went on but I was freaking out about the color.  It looked nothing like the can!  I took some deep breaths and finished what I had started.  Then I walked away....

Boy am I glad that I didn't give up. I love the way the paint dried! The color is just what I envisioned it would be; a cheery red. And everyone in the house seems to like the lamp's new look too. Both of the boys are fascinated with its shine. I fear it will be covered in finger prints before Friday.

So now that the lamp has gotten a makeover I feel that my table needs to be restyled too. Or maybe I should just re-do the whole family room! I am sure Hubby would not mind at all!!!!

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  1. Love the lamp! The pop of red is so fun and fresh. And yes, the prep work for painting takes me forever too.


  2. That looks beautiful. I'm so impressed! My biggest goal for spring break was to make dinner and not go out for every meal

  3. It looks AWESOME! What a great makeover!

  4. The lamp looks amazing!
    I have little patience for prep work - once I see the finished product in my head I can't wait for it to come into fruition!

    Just found your blog, it!

  5. You are a pro, now. This looks perfect. I hope you pin it!

  6. Nice work!! It turned out great. I love a pop of color.

  7. Very impressed with your DIY painting skills! The color of the lamp is definitely cheery!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  8. The pop of red looks so good! Such a simple change, but huge impact!


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