Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First Day!

I am not going to lie to you, I was really worried about how our first morning back was going to go. Our bus route was changed this year and that means that I will have to wake the kiddos up even earlier this year. And since two out of the three of my kiddos are not easy to wake I feared the worst!

Luckily all three did well on the their first morning. I think the hardest part of their morning was trying to get one group photo. You would have thought I asking for blood! I would love for someone to teach me how to get a simple photo with all three children smiling and looking at the camera!!!! (No really I need your help! Before I know it I will be taking pics for a Christmas card and I really need it to go better than it did last year.)

It took forever for the children from our bus stop to get on the bus. I lost count at 25! It was a wonderful reminder of how lucky we are to be raising our kiddos in a neighborhood filled with young children!!!

I am not sure L was as touched as I was at the bus stop. But I guess one should not ask too much of four, almost five, year old boy, right?


  1. If you get a tip on photographing 3 kiddos, send it my way pls:)

  2. They look so cute. I used to bribe my girls with m&m's for a "genuine" smile. I was pretty tough so they eventually wanted to out do each other. At 20 & 21 they still ask for m&m's for a good picture. Also, I used to take at least 100 pics to get 1 really good one.

  3. Your children are adorable!!! Glad it was a good morning...I always feel like our mornings set the tone of the day for my kids.

    I feel your pain about getting a good picture...we have eight kids and I have resorted to doing a photo collage Christmas card of different combinations of sibling groups because there is no way I can get a good one of eight...IF I can get all eight at home at one time these days!

  4. I tell my boys to smile because someday it will be in their Presidential library. - HA! Either that, or their mug shot.

    Our public school children wear uniforms, so it's fun to see your kid's back to school clothes. So neat and colorful.


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