Friday, September 13, 2013


My baby girl is turning 11 tomorrow and I am just not ready for her to be that old. When I look at her I still see her as a baby but she keeps telling me that tomorrow she will official be a tween. And let me tell you she has fully embraced being a tween even if I have not. So I thought that I would dedicate this TGIF post to my daughter B.

{1} Birthday Lunch

For all of the kiddos we let them pick what they would like for dinner but this year B has asked for a lunch out rather that a dinner. After her game tomorrow we will head to PF Changs for lunch and I tell you that she already knows what she would like to order - Gluten Free Lemon Chicken. She gets it every single time!

{2} Zella Girl

Zella Girl 'Vinyasa' Hooded Tunic (Little Girls & Big Girls)

B just loves workout clothing, probably since she is always on the go. Plus the most important things to her are field hockey and jogging club. So it came as no surprise that she wanted almost anything from Nordstrom's Zella Girl Line. At times I fear that B will walk down the aisle in work-out attire. 

{3} The House of Hades

B cannot wait for The House Of Hades to be released! She knows that she will not get this book on her birthday but it was a "must" on her B-day wish list. Secretly - I love Rick Riordan's books and I can't wait to read this book too! Please tell me that I am not the only one!!!

{4} Cra-Z-Loom

I am not sure how I missed this but Cra-Z-Loom is something that all tweens need! Friendship bracelets are so out! It turns out that rubber band bracelets are where it is at now a days. Never mind the fact that the bracelets remind me of too many trips to the orthodontist...that is neither here nor there!

{5} Frosting

I know that Ms. Deen is not very popular right now but I must give credit where credit is due. B simply loves Ms. Deen's cream cheese frosting! B asked that we invite the cul de sac over for dessert tomorrow night. And she did not care at all what kind of cake I baked as long as it was covered in Ms. Deen's frosting. Not going to lie...I am looking forward to eating it too!


  1. Awe happy birthday to your baby girl! She is beautiful and doesn't look 11!

  2. Paula Deen may currently have a bad rep but there is no denying how delicious her recipes are!

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter and enjoy that buttercream icing!!

  4. Happy Birthday to B!!! Good choice on the PF Changs for lunch and I heard about those rubber band bracelets on the Today's show- they are apparently the big thing these days! I can only imagine how good that Paula Deen cream cheese frosting must be- yum!

  5. Happy birthday to your baby girl!!! They do grow up so fast....she is just precious! Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

    PS I will have to try the frosting recipe! LOVE cream cheese frosting!
    xo/ Christine

  6. Happiest of bdays to your baby girl!!!


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