Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

It is so hard to believe that Summer is really over. I think that I am in denial! It just went by too fast!!! So this weekend we made the most of it! 

We had a bunch of friends over for a "Last Summer Fiesta" on Saturday. I am not sure about you and your friends but it is not that easy to see each other over the Summer since everyone vacations at different times so it was great to finally all come to together and catch up. Of course my kiddos really took the theme to heart and asked for a pinata. Nothing say "fiesta" like a pinata!!!

We ate well all weekend long. Pizza on Friday, enchilada and carne asada on Saturday, "appetizer night" on Sunday and grilled pork chops with basil and garlic rub on Monday. Diet starts on Tuesday, right?

And one of the biggest highlights of the weekend was that the Weather Man was wrong! The bad weather that we were told would ruin our Labor Day Weekend never came. Sure there were some clouds but not enough to stop us from enjoying one last sunset at the pool.

I am really counting down the days to Summer 2014!


  1. I can't accept it either - just can't accept that it's over - where did it go??? I want it back! lol
    Sounds like a fun weekend

  2. Your family always look like you are having so much fun...that must make you happy!

    Enjoy your day! xoxo

  3. Me too, girl. Counting down to summer 2014!!


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