Monday, November 18, 2013

Bounce Around!

I am sure that almost everyone in American has taken their child to a birthday party or two at Pump It Up or someplace like that. Indoor inflatable bounce house-like parties are nothing new. But man are they fun!

This past weekend our whole family was invited to celebrate the 6th birthday of one of my besties's youngest child. So we all got in the car after double checking that everyone had their socks. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone!

We might have been the only adults bouncing around. But what can I say, Hubby and I have no shame! It was just too much fun. It felt so good to giggle and bounce around with our kiddos!

I hope and pray that our kiddos keep reminding us that it is good for everyone to really play ever once in awhile!!!


  1. Last time I was at one of those I had to rescue my #2! Your pics are adorable!

  2. My friend's husband had her own bouncy house set up in their backyard for her 40th birthday, and they called all their grown up friends to come jump - no kids! Total fun.

    Love your sweater too!


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