Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hubby's Holiday Take Over

I, Hubby, have been given responsibility for today's post.  Simply to amuse myself I considered filling this page writing about things Eileen would find unappealing (beer, "The Godfather", reasons Virginia is better than New Jersey, the Redskins despite the team currently being unappealing to everyone, etc) but the juice probably isn't worth the squeeze on that one.

I was given this responsibility because Eileen has been in the kitchen cooking up a storm for most of the day. While she has always contributed to Thanksgiving we normally go to New Jersey to be with her family so in the past she has only had to make a few things. This year we are staying at home so it is basically the first time Thanksgiving has fallen solely on her.

Due to the reality that with a single oven there is only so much that can cook at one time on Thanksgiving itself Eileen has been very busy the last two days trying to make things ahead of time. So far she has made soup, two pies, mashed sweet potatoes (my favorite!) and stuffing. The stuffing, which is amazing, is exceptionally important to her because it is her grandmother's recipe. Thanksgiving is Eileen's favorite holiday in large part because she associates it so closely with her grandparents who always used to host the day for the family. Her grandfather has passed away and her grandmother is no longer having Thanksgiving at her house but the day still holds tremendous meaning for her. Making the stuffing with her grandmother's recipe, something I have no doubt Eileen will pass down to our kids, is a way she is able to maintain a connection to her childhood while we start new traditions with our own children.

What Thanksgiving foods or traditions do you associate with your childhood that you are passing on to your kids? Whatever they are we wish you all a happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. What a great job your hubby did!!!! Love that he wanted to talk about all his favorite things! Sounds like you have been busy in the kitchen, Eileen. Hope you have a wonderful Turkey Day with your beautiful family!


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