Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Trying Not to Get Ahead of Myself

Bad news - we are not going to be able to travel up to New Jersey this year for Thanksgiving. Good news - we are hosting my youngest brother for Thanksgiving. (Hubby's note- Better news: He is bringing beer and I don't have to drive anywhere!) So I have been cleaning like a mad woman to get our home ready for next week. It turns out that a family of five can make some big messes! 

Much of my day today was spent cleaning in our formal living-room. I have to be honest while I love this room, I just don't get to spend a ton of time in there. In fact for most of November I have only gone in the living-room to water the plants. After the dark.

So imagine my surprise when I noticed that my Christmas cactus has tiny buds! Since I feel like everything is losing color outside I was so excited to see that soon my plant will be filled with beautiful, bright pink flowers. 

I can't believe I am going to say this little Christmas cactus has put me in the Christmas mood before Thanksgiving. But don't go all crazy thinking that I am decking the halls and all that. One holiday at a time and in order...that's my rule and I am sticking to it!!!


  1. That's my rule too! I'm glad someone else has a little bit of sanity! ;)

  2. My rule too....although I am going to break it this year or the first time ever so my step-children will be able to participate in the decorating and some baking. I was annoyed when the Christmas decor was out in the stores before Halloween!

  3. Awww makes me miss my Christmas cactus (black thumb)!! So fun!!

  4. I love Christmas cactus as well. I used to put it in a closet for a couple of months to get it to bloom. It didn't work!!

  5. Your cactus looks so pretty! I wish I could take care of my plants a little better....I am with you on the decorating. Since we host Thanksgiving, I cannot even think of Christmas decorating until I clean up from the big dinner! But the day after - the stuff comes out and I send my husband straight outside to set up the lights!

  6. I agree with one holiday at a time. I'm not a Thanksgiving fan at all but I like to wait until after then before I start to decorate for Xmas!


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