Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Harvest Hockey 2013

***This post was to be published last Monday but was delayed due to L's allergic reaction and hospital stay***

We are enjoying a four day weekend due to Teacher Work Days. So what are we doing with all our free-time? Sleeping-in and relaxing...nah. Tackling home improvement projects...not so much. Enjoying a romantic get-a-way...I wish!

No, we are doing what many families with sporty children do. We are away at a field hockey tournament!

I know that I have told you about B's field hockey tournaments from the Spring but this one was different. This tournament was part of B's step-by-step list of how to make the USA Olympic Field Hockey team. Please don't get me wrong, I am not delusional and thinking that my 11 year old is a shoe in for the Olympic team. However, I do love how she makes lists to obtain her goals! 

B's team played two games on Saturday and one game on Sunday. Knowing that three games of hockey over two days might be more than M and L could handle my parents came to the tournament to help out. It really was perfect, Hubby and I could actually watch B play and my parents got to see both of B's goals from the weekend.

The girls won one game, tied one game and lost a game. Not the best tournament record for her club but not that bad either. To me the most important thing was that B gave it her all and never stopped smiling! 

I am sure that parents feel great pride in having their child make an Olympic team or be awarded a college scholarship, like B dreams of getting, but I know that is like the chances of being struck by lighting. What I am so very proud of is how hard she tries each and ever time she walks onto the pitch! I believe that being a hard working team player will take her far in life.

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