Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New Old Traditions

Slowly but surely we are getting ready for Christmas! The lights are up outside the house. The greens are hung on the staircase and mantle. And my "formal" fake tree is all set. In fact my little tree got a new addition this year.

Hubby and L were kind enough to take the time to move L's train up to my tree. After carefully moving the tree just so they were able to fit the tracks around the tree in a simple yet sweet circle. I honestly can not tell you how much joy it brings me to have a train racing around my tree. See my Pop used to put up this amazing village with a train circling around the bottom of his tree every Christmas. It was just such a magical thing to see every year as a child. It was even more magical when I was able to bring B to see her great-grandfather's Christmas village. The boys were able to see it too but I fear B is the only one that has the faintness memory of it.

I not sure if it is just me but I find that starting Christmas traditions with our kiddos that reflect our past to be so very heartwarming. Plus sparkly lights make me smile!

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more. The best traditions are the ones rooted in the past.

  2. I agree with you 100% ... bringing forth special childhood memories and seeing your children embrace them has got to be such an amazing feeling!

  3. Oh how I love the train around your tree! It reminds me so much of my childhood! Have a wonderful Christmas season with your munchkins!

  4. I adore trains around trees! So cute!

  5. It looks perfect there! I've never done this and would probably try next year to better put my son's trains sets into good use! hahaha! Thanks for sharing dear!

  6. That is awesome! What a great way to keep Pops around for your fam. :)


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