Wednesday, December 4, 2013

ORC - Week 10

In the beginning of October I decided to take part in Linda's (Calling It Home) One Room Challenge Link-Up. Simply put, you had six weeks to make over a room in your house and each week you would give an update. The idea sounded great to me! I had known that I wanted to make-over our family room since May but had yet to get around to it. Thanks to Linda I was going to have my family all done by the second week in November...or so I thought!

Unfortunately L's hospital stay put a stop to all of my plans. Getting L better was all that matter and I just took a break from my make-over. Slowly after L was feeling better I started to put the finishing touches on our family room and I am now happy to report that it is complete!

The two pictures above my "before" pictures. 

The room color and furniture all stayed the same so I guess you could call this more of a refresher rather than a total make-over. Either way, I am pleased with the results. Before this room had more of a moss green feel that did not seem to flow well with the rest of the house.

While the room is still filled with different colors the feel of the room is now blue, which works well with our open floor plan. (By the way, I love the idea of an open floor plan but living in one is a different story!)

After ten weeks, six curtain panels, four pillows, one painted mirror and some new accessories I am calling it a day! Now all I have to do is get ready for Christmas....

Follow my progress - 

Week Five

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  1. Looks FABULOUS!!!! I am hoping to finish my ORC by week 15 lol! I especially love the pillows...funny how small changes can make such a major impact. It really looks great!

  2. Looks so modern and fresh! Great work! xo

  3. Looks great! I always love a good blue and white room. I think the new curtains make it! Well done :-)

  4. The new curtains are my favorite! And the middle pillow. (but I am a tad biased, because I have that fabric as curtains in my kitchen!!) Nice job!

  5. Pretty, pretty, pretty....and I still can't get over those tall ceilings. I want them. It really looks great.

  6. This looks so cozy and welcoming. You did a beautiful job!

  7. looks great
    come visit us at

  8. The new drapes look great against the gold walls and I love the new pillows!

    I'm so sorry to read about L's hospital stay. So scary. :(


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