Friday, November 22, 2013


Can you believe that it is less than a week to Thanksgiving!?! To say that I have too much to do in not much time would be the understatement of the year. But have no fear, I have a plan!

{1} Blue & White Plus Orange

I am sure that it would not surprise you that I turned to Pinterest for some tablescape inspiration. I just love the Thanksgiving table setting that Jennifer put together! I have a feeling that I will love the way my Royal Copenhagen china looks with orange accents.

A Blue Willow Thanksgiving Tablescape, Blue and White Thanksgiving Table, Blue and White place setting, Blue, White and Orange Thanksgiving Table, Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll

{2} Tom The Turkey

Last night I got our bird. I must have been quite the sight digging in the meat case looking for a turkey that weighed less than 13 pounds while wearing a dress. It was not pretty but I got what I wanted! 

{3} Thermometer

There is nothing worst than dry turkey meat on Thanksgiving! So to make sure that does not happen to me I ordered a new remote thermometer. In theory I will be able to leave the kitchen and socialize without over cooking dinner. Leaving the kitchen on Thanksgiving...a girl can dream right?

{4} Apron

I am a big fan of aprons! In fact I wear one almost everyday. They truly help cut down on the trips I make to the dry cleaners and the time I have to spend spot treating my wash. This year I will be wearing a vintage apron that my Gram gave me for Christmas last year but Anthropologie has a bunch a super cute aprons too!

{5} A Forgiving Top

I am sure it is going to prove that I am not a lady, let alone a Southern lady, but I plan to indulge on Thanksgiving. Truly this is my most favorite meal of the whole year! (The only close second is our lobster dinner at the Cape.) So I feel like this top with my pixie pants would be perfect for next week.

Elbow-patch sweater

So what is your Thanksgiving game plan?


  1. perfect top! and yummy organic turkey! and that tablescape color combo...swoon!!! you are all ready to go for a lovely thanksgiving!!! xx

  2. Love the table setting and I can never say no to a forgiving top!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. blue and white plus orange...that's all you had to say- lovely!!

  4. I'll be wearing an over sized sweater and leggings too for Thanksgiving! Comfort is more important that day! I love the table setting! Nothing wrong with getting your turkey already! One less trip to the store next week!

  5. So funny that your turkey is less then 13 lbs! We always have a TON of family and have to do two turkeys both over 25 lbs! A forgiving sweater and pixie pants sounds like the perfect outfit for Thursday and Friday!

  6. Southern ladies love food, too!! I plan to (likely) eat everything around on Thanksgiving day, ha! Stopping by from the link-up. Happy Friday!

    Forever Young

  7. A cute apron is a must in my house too! I have a little bit of an addiction but I love the one your posted! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving - can't wait to see your tablescape orange & blue are so pretty together!

  8. Fellow apron lover here, too! I have no doubt your table will look stunning for Thanksgiving!

  9. Thanks for stopping by! I love the top. I'm really loving the elbow pads this year!

  10. Ever since I added orange pillows to the blue & white in the family room I've become obsessed with the color combo. Your table will look divine!

  11. So glad you stopped by and I could head over here! Love your list, especially that tablescape...gorgeous!!

  12. haha, i got our bird last night too and I totally get what you are saying... I was half IN the turkey case myself :-)

  13. The blue dinner plates are AMAZING.


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