Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"B" Mine

Yesterday afternoon B started working on her valentine cards as soon as she finished her homework.  She was beyond giddy!  We bought the "Mustache Card Kit" from Paper Source.  I don't know about you but I could spend hours in that store.  I always find something new there that I simply "need"!

The kit included heart shaped cards, googly eyes, labels and pre-cut mustaches and hats.  The kit also included extra black card-stock so B could cut out different accessories for her "heart-men", which she loved since she is a creative gal.

B spent hours working on her "heart-men" but finished making all of them before dinner.  Now she has the hard job of figuring out who will get which "heart-man".  

I guess I needed a break this year because in my mind this was a great compromise between a box of valentines from Target and a three day project from scratch.  What kind of valentines are your kiddos making this year?


  1. so creative! tell B that I especially love the little top hats :)

  2. Amelia {1st grade} came home yesterday with her list for V's Day. She has asked me at least 100 x's when we are going to MAKE cards!?! Ha! This momma BUYS V's Day cards. Yes, the cheapie boxed kind! Ha!

  3. She is so crafty ... a gal after my own heart! Love her blog appearances! :)

  4. So sweet! I am sure we will buy some in a box from fail! ;) And thanks for your sweet comment today!!! xoxo

  5. Now that it's over, I miss those days. Homemade Valentine's cards are the best. I love how she loves art.

  6. Those are so cute! I need to get to the new Paper Source by our house! My daughter did little hearts and then put foam letter stickers with everyone's names on them. I had to sit and find each individual letter for each kids name!


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