Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Me and B

We are so lucky that our town has a Farmers Market every Saturday. May through October it is outside which adds to its charm. However this past Saturday when it was cold and windy I was so grateful that the Market had moved indoors to one of the town's antique shops for the winter!

After B and I picked up a tin of her beloved gluten-free brownies, (Hubby's note- which are RIDICULOUSLY good!) we had fun looking around the shop. I made poor B look at more blue and white china than she might have liked! I have hopes of passes this love on to her so I was so please when she pointed a "kiddie plate" of Blue Willow. (Any plate with divided sections is a "kiddie plate" in her mind.)

The shop also has some handmade jewelry for sale. B spied this soda tab and ribbon bracelet and was fascinated with it! I thought for sure she was going to ask to buy it. Instead she asked me to take a ton of pictures of the bracelet from all angles.  My little DIY'er is going to try and make it on her own. B will be sure to tell you all about real soon....

After running a bunch of errands in town I rewarded B with a sweet treat. A gluten-free "Shirley Temple" cupcake.  Yum!


  1. Awe, my Granny collected Blue Willow. Seeing this pic brought back many memories!! And to answer your question...the pockets are fake in the front of the pants! ;)

  2. Do you have any gluten free brownie recipes you would like to share? That blue and white is lovely.It looks like her nails are painted blue :)


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