Friday, February 15, 2013

For The Love Of Reading

For some crazy reason my beloved Hubby thinks that Valentine's Day is a made up holiday.  I totally disagree!  I don't care how much money Hallmark has made off of this money maker.  I love love and look forward to celebrating Valentine's Day each year with my family.

We decided to gift our kiddos with books this year as we have done since B started preschool many moons ago.  Hubby and I both love to read!  I know this might be hard to believe given my dislike of grammar school but I truly love to read.  A love of reading would be a perfect present in my eyes!

Unfortunately I can not give a review on all the books yet but I can tell you that Mo Willems' new book had them all laughing.  Any author that can get a thumbs up from a 10, 7, 4 and 35 year old has my vote!!!


  1. We love books too! Happy Valentines!

  2. My husband and your husband are carved from the same mold! Ha!

  3. I miss those type of books. As long as I get some chocolate....I don't care what else happens.

  4. What kind of parents don't throw heaps of sugar at their children on holidays?
    As a former teacher, you rock!
    (However, I gave mine mini snickers. But they are mean teenagers and I fear them)
    Just wait.

  5. I found your blog via Pleated Poppy. I started skipping around your posts. So fun so right up my alley. Then I saw the ages of your kiddos - Wow - I have a 10, almost 7 and 4 year old too. Plus a 12 year old so I'm older than you (and most of the blogging world). Great job on the blog.


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