Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wrapped To Gift

Growing up my Grandma and Grandpa would bring a box of goodies from a local bakery to any gathering at my parents.  It was always a white bow with piece of red & white twine holding it all together.  I just liked the look of the box simply because I knew there were a ton of sweet treats in the box that my Mother would never have bought for us!

So now when I give a baked good as a gift I like to present it in a way that reminds me of my Grandparents' sweet treats.  And it beyond easy to create the "bakery look"!

All you need is parchment paper, red & white twine and a sweet treat.  For L's teachers I bake my banana bread recipe but instead of using one large tin I used four mini loaf tins and bake them for half an hour.  

Once the bread has completely cooled wrap it with the parchment paper much like you would a gift box.  Just make sure to tuck sides under.  (I guess you could tape them under but I never have.)

Then I take a long piece of baker's twine and double it on itself.  (Again this too is like wrapping a gift box.)  One trick that I find helpful is to place the ends of the twine under the top twine before I make my bow.  You can make sure that the twine is really snug this way.

Then simply make a bow and trim any extra twine if needed.  A cute and yummy gift!

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  1. I just love makes everything look complete. And it is just so cute!
    Have a great Valentine's Day!

  2. What a cute way to wrap up some bread! I love that "bakery look", it looks adorable! I love using colored twine for gift wrapping!

  3. Just love your thoughtfulness and cute sense of style. Baker's twine is the best for so many uses.


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