Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Over this past long weekend Hubby mixed us up some cocktails and served them in our Waterford Toasting Flutes.  We only have two of these flutes.  Mom and I got them when the Ross-Simons store was closing at the Short Hills Mall in Jersey.  It was such a deal that I could not pass them up even though I knew they were a limited edition and it might be hard to find another ten flutes.

So while I was sipping my cocktail I got on the computer and tried to find more on eBay and Craigslist  But much to my chagrin, I did not find any more flutes and I got crushing news.  Waterford has archived my crystal pattern!

When it was time for me and Hubby to pick all of our dishes, china, crystal and stemware his eyes kind of glazed over. (Hubby's note- That is an understatement).  I felt it was important that we both have a say since I didn't want him to announce on our 50th anniversary that he never liked a single one of our wedding gifts.  I would narrow down the patterns to my top three and would then ask for his option   

For our stemware I narrowed the choices down to Wynnewood, Colleen Tall and Kildare (which is my mother's pattern.)  To this day I am not sure if he was just trying to get brownie points from my mom or if he really did like it best. (Hubby's note- I love my wife dearly but what in the world makes her think I had any clue what kind of stemware her mother has?! I thought stemware was something related to flowers.)

We were very blessed to be gifted 10 water goblets as well as 10 clarets.  I just figured that I would have no problem completing my set as soon as I won the lottery or found a money tree, whichever came first.  

After hearing the pattern was archived I thought that maybe I should pick a new pattern and mix and match.  But no sooner than I mentioned that idea than my mom said no.  What can I say, she is a rule follower!  And in her rule book you don't mix and match your formal crystal.  So I will keep calling all the Irish shoppes I can find in NoVa, NJ and on the Cape.  Maybe I will get lucky!

I hope this will be more of a "when Irish eyes are shining" moment and not a "Murphy's Law" moment! 


  1. I also tend to want to shop online with a cocktail :-). Have you tried that replacements site?

  2. Are you trying to make it a 12 piece set? I am working on completing all my china, silverware and stemware! I just ordered several of our silverware pieces because Macy's was having a huge sale. Buy 3 get 1 free! Currently we have no stemware...but its on my list!

  3. Have you tried contacting Waterford directly? I know in the past my mom has ordered directly from them and had the crystal shipped here. Best of luck!! Oh and I love your pattern.

  4. I've gone to the broken-one-a-year-missmatched- pattern. I'd keep looking on ebay... someone else might be in the 'I've broken every other glass in that set mode'.

  5. I'm in the same boat 15 years into our happy marriage! I have had good luck with my china and flatware on Cheers to a marriage that outlasts your crystal pattern!

  6. I hate to say it, but things have really changed I with Waterford. When they moved production to Eastern Europe, my aunt E bought everything she could find in my pattern that had a Made in Ireland sticker on it.

    A few years later, they assured me over the phone that my china was super popular and not in danger of being discontinued. I had seen the chargers on Rue La La and was scared. Two months later, they announced that Michael Aram was ending his relationship with them and my pattern was going away. This was all about five months before our wedding. Thankfully, family and friends snapped up everything they could find and I have my full set and serving pieces. I'm just missing some bowls.

    I'm not a fan of tendy patterns forcing classics out of production. It's so frustrating!

  7. Love 'Hubby's notes'...!!! Your blog makes me smile :-D


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