Thursday, June 27, 2013

Brave Boy

I am not sure that I have mentioned it but L has some severe seasonal allergies in addition to his food allergies.  Spring and Summer can be a truly brutal time for my little guy.  As soon as the trees start blooming he becomes miserable!

Since I can't keep my sweet boy in a bubble it was decided that we are going to start allergy shots for L.  Since allergy shots are individually based on each person's specific allergies and their severity, L had to go through a scratch test today.

I was just so proud of how brave L was as he was "scratched" 30 times this afternoon.  L simply held my hand and we counted down from 30.  Not a single tear which made it all the more harder for me not to cry.  

Having allergies does not just mean carrying an Epi-Pen and giving Benadryl each day to L (and B).  It also means yearly blood tests and painful scratch tests just to manage the allergies.  At times I feel like the meanest mother taking them to these "torture" appointments.  But at the same time I can't just ignore their allergy issues and not take them to the doctor.

God willing all of L's discomfort will be worth it next Spring when we hope his allergy shots will make it easier for him to handle all the NoVa's Spring pollen.  And his sweet smile after some chocolate ice-cream sure did make me feel better!


  1. What a brave little boy! My 9 year old is going to the allergist tomorrow morning for some tests and he is terrified. I am hoping he does as well as your son!

  2. Hugs to you and L for having to deal with that ordeal. A brave boy indeed.

  3. Away what a tough (and adorable!) little guy! The scratch test is no fun for a kid, nor the requisite blood work. Hope the shots give him some good relief so he can enjoy outdoor weather even more!

  4. Wow, so brave! I would cry for sure. I recently had to take B for the scratch test and I waffled between guilt over whether it was "necessary" and then guilt over what would happen if we didn't do it so I feel you there! I hope the shots help and he is running around comfortably next Spring!

  5. Wow! He is so brave!! Love his face with the special treat!


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